eXtreme Gammon is the world leading backgammon program.It is the  tool of reference for all the top players in the world. Not only it is the strongest program but also (and by far) the fastest! Check these independent studies here

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PLAY: You can pitch yourself against eXtreme Gammon, in match or money sessions. You can choose from many levels of play ranging from world-class to beginner. Enjoy a full customizable 3D interface with animation.

AnalyzeANALYZE: Import your games from any of the major online sites. The analysis is performed in the background, which allows you to see your errors immediately. Store the results in your profile for a comprehensive analysis of your level of play.

PlayLEARN: Improve your game with the tutor mode. eXtreme Gammon analyzes your decisions during your match and advises you if you made an error. Use the analyze tools to understand why the computer's choice is superior. Run a rollout if ever you disagree with it. eXtreme Gammon is the only program that acknowledge its error and will credit you with an outplay in case you move turns out better than his.

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Backgammon Lessons: Many thanks to Phil Simborg for his help in making eXtreme Gammon a top level product. Phil can be contacted for lessons at thebackgammonlearningcenter.com and can also give you tips on using eXtreme Gammon

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